About Us

Improving your business and how best you acquire customers is our thing.

We have worked directly and consulted for FMCG, Retail and Industrial clients both in South Africa and Internationally and have the pedigree to make a difference to your business as we have theirs.

We are driven by values

Upfront, direct and honest.

We cut straight to the chase as to where your marketing strategy and tactics have weaknesses, we then drive to convert these into positive actions.

Super efficient

We need you to start seeing results fast. We will identify a hit list that typically clients are not at all aware of since they are too close to their own business.

Deeply committed

As we have said before, your business is our business.

Highly skilled

Having worked with many verticals, start-ups and business turn-arounds we have seen where businesses fail, and how to quickly correct course.

Derek Wilson


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