Google Adwords Pay Per Click

DRMG SA manages PPC campaigns on the Google Search and Display Network. PPC or Pay per Click means that you are only paying when an Internet user clicks on your ad.

Pay Per Click campaigns on the Search Network will help you drive traffic to your website, get leads and sales. The ads will show at the top or side of the Google Search Result page when an Internet user is looking for your services. We offer various affordable packages to fit your marketing budget. All packages include monthly reports to show you how your advertising is performing.

See our affordable PPC packages here: Adwords Pricing

Google Ads

Campaigns on the Display Network are also effective. Your ad is shown to a relevant public. It can be a text ad, image ad or even a video. All ads include a call to action and are build to generate a response, a lead and sale. You are able to choose which website you want your ad to be shown, the demographics, on mobile phones only or on both PC’s and mobile phones.

display ad on mobile display ad

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